Role of the Design in the Cuban Industry Debated in Next Forum

The Design Management 2017 Award will also be launched, distinction given by ONDi with the objective of visualizing the work of outstanding organizations in the correct management of the activity and stimulate those with potentials to develop the vision of growth in the business world.

Other investigations that will be presented in CubaDiseño 2016 will be projects aimed at senior citizens taking into account the need to create sustainable and inclusive designs in addition to conceiving spaces, materials and services for the elderly. The event, which comes after the successful I Biennial of Design in Havana, a follow-up of issues broadly debated will be included such as the creative process and its potential in the creation of a new integral imagine for the organizations.

Other issues to be debated will also be creation, management, transformation process and evolution in the framework of different environment and benefits and impact on the industrial sector will also be discussed. Cubaindustria 2016, with Russia as the guest of honor, will be the perfect space for national and foreign business executives and researchers linked to the sector will present their professional contributions and trade exhibition in favor of major integration and cooperation among all involved in industry.

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