Cuba Calls in Geneva for a Democratic Internet Governance

The almost complete absence of international regulations on the so-called Network of Networks, have caused very harmful side effects to achieve a peaceful use and focused on the development of information and communications technology, Romeu stated.

As an example we can mention the discovered network of analysis and espionage of almost all communications in the world, including that from the heads of State and Government, to the ZunZuneo project. The latter was aimed at destabilizing Cuba to bring about changes in our political system, she said.

The delegate also thanked the Working Group on the issue of human rights and transnational corporations and other companies, for the comprehensive analysis on public companies.

Although they are not of greater impact internationally, we should apply the same standards of human rights when developing its functions, as those of a transnational nature, she said.

The legally binding international instrument that has begun to negotiate intergovernmentally in this body, should take into account these businesses. Its future adoption will establish a clearer regulatory framework for the compliance with international human rights standards, than the current Guiding Principles, Romeu concluded.


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