Cuba Calls to End Violence Against Women and Girls

Perez stressed that about 90 percent of 2.5 million human trafficking victims are women and about 90 percent of the victims of conflicts are civilians, mostly women and children.

It is unacceptable that those figures represent more than 75 percent of refugees and displaced people due to conflicts and 70 percent of 2.7 billion poor people in the planet.

On the other hand, more than 300,000 women die each year from preventable complications during childbirth, 99 percent in southern countries, she said.

The diplomat also reaffirmed that unilateral coercive measures that constitute a serious form of violence against females and girls should be removed.

Gender and domestic violence is fought in Cuba through a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach involving the State and the civil society. The Federation of Cuban Women has been playing a special role in this aspect, she said.

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