Government and FARC-EP Disclose Details of Historic Agreement

The items in the agreement are the laying down of arms, guarantees of security and the fight against criminal organizations responsible for killings and massacres that threaten human rights activists, and social and political movements.

In keeping with what was reported yesterday in a joint statement by the government peace delegation and the insurgent group, among these criminal organizations are those that have been designated as the successors of paramilitarism.

The agreements also include the prosecution of criminal actions that threaten its implementation and the construction of peace. Following the announcement of what is a big step to achieving peace in Columbia, the international community have sent their support.

Colombia’s President, Juan Manuel Santos, and FARC-EP commander, Timoleon Jimenez, representing the conflicting sides, will meet in Havana today for the event.

Cuban President, Raul Castro; and Norway’s Foreign Minister, Borge Brende, as guarantors, and Chile’s President, Michelle Bachelet; and Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro, as accompanying nations, will be present in the signing of the agreements.

United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, will also attend the ceremony as a special guest. Ban will be accompanied by the presidents of the Security Council and the General Assembly of the UN.

Dominican Republic’s President, Danilo Medina, as a president of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States; El Salvador’s President, Salvador Sanchez Ceren and special envoys for the peace process of the United States and the European Union will also participate.

Bogota and the FARC-EP agree that they had never made progress in a peace process in Colombia and today’s agreement bring them, as never before, to the end of the conflict they have confronted for more than five decades.

As a result of the conflict, about 260,000 people have died, another 45,000 have disappeared, and nearly 6.9 million have been displaced.


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