Ecuador: Assange in Video Conference in Ciespal Event

Since June 2012, the Australian programmer has been at the Embassy of Ecuador in London, unable to leave to avoid being arrested and sent to Sweden, where he is wanted for alleged sex crimes.

Assange’s lawyers have enough evidence to back up the belief that the real intention of the Swedish authorities is to hand him over to the United States, where he could be condemned to the death penalty for disclosing classified information through Wikileaks.

Several communication and international law specialists will debate the Assange case from June 20th to 24th in a series of lectures, workshops and presentations at the Ciespal, based in Quito. Baltazar Garzon and Ignacio Ramonet of Spain; Noam Chomsky, US; Emir Sader, Carol Proner and Amauri Chamarro of Brazil and Leandro Monk from Argentina, as well as other experts, are among the participants of the event which will focus on the digital world and its impact on physical life.

Yesterday at the Ciespal headquarters, Ramonet presented Assange’s book ‘When Google Met Wikileaks’, which analyzes the role played by Google in the system of international domination and for its complicity with power entities within the United States.

According to the cyberactivist, Google and others like Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft sell the data obtained from their users to the administration and the military and security apparatus.

The book presents evidence for this and questions what humanity will be like after a thousand years with internet, which Assange sees as giving the population a chance to connect communities like never before in history.


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