Valdes Mesa Highlights Ties between Communist Parties of China, Cuba

Relationships between Cuba and China do not depend on ephemeral contingencies or situations. They have a foundation and deep historic roots, the senior Cuban official noted.

Valdes Mesa expressed pride for Cuba as the first Western Hemisphere country to recognize and establish diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China in 1960. He considered them a humble contribution to opening ties between China and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our relationships are based on an admirable and deep friendship between the two parties, governments and peoples, and have the priority and personal attention of the highest authorities on both territories. Those ties currently have much vitality to the future based on the legacy that the historic leaderships of the two parties have left us, he said.

In his opinion, inter-party relationships are the foundation and the main pillar of close friendly relations between China and Cuba. In this regard, the visitor explained that the two countries hold a model of ties based on systematic exchanges on the results arising from significant party events.

According to the Cuban vice president, his presence in China is an example of those exchanges, as the main purpose of his visit here is to report on the results of the 7th Congress of the PCC, held in April in Havana.

The 7th PCC Congress validated to continue the update of our economic and social development model. Its objective is to build an irreversible prosperous and sustainable socialism in Cuba, he said.

After his visit to Beijing, a theoretical scientific seminar between the CPCh and the PCC will take place in Havana soon and this will be the second of its kind, he said. After his speech, Valdes Mesa took the opportunity to congratulate the CPCh on its 95th anniversary of its foundation on July 1.

This is a crucial event in the political life of this country. It brings a campaign aimed at building trust in the way, theory and the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics. For his part, Song noted that Valdes Mesa’s visit complies with an important practice between the two political parties to inform each other about events and progress of each group.

Valdes Mesa arrived in China on June 24 as a special envoy of Cuban President Raul Castro to inform Chinese authorities about the results of the 7th PCC Congress. He started the visit by touring Shanghai, where the CPCh was founded 95 years ago.

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