A flag for Fidel


Every year staff receive more than 90,000 national and international visitors, who admire a total of 465 pieces ranging from historical objects, weapons and munitions linked to the Moncada assault.

The Plaza de la Revolución Mayor General Antonio Maceo has also been the site of many historic moments in the life of Fidel, such as the closing ceremony of the Fourth Party Congress, the Open Tribunal for the return of Elián González and the Five Cuban anti-terrorists, and the ceremony awarding Raúl Castro, Vilma Espín, Juan Almeida Bosque and Teté Pueblas the distinction of heroes of the Republic of Cuba.

“As we approach July 26, with August 13 not far behind, it is without a doubt an honor to preserve history, which far from being forgotten we are responsible for further enriching and sharing with the people every day…” stated Secretary General of the National Union of Cultural Workers, Nereyda López Labrada.

Speaking on behalf on staff from both institutions, Leydis López and Surelis Álvarez, director and secretary general of the museum’s union branch, respectively, as well as Maximiliano Izaguirre and Opdulia Matos, who occupy the same positions at the Plaza Antonio Maceo, noted their workers’ decision to dedicate the recognition to Fidel in honor of his 90th birthday.


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