Cuban Legislators Approve Guidelines Updating Until 2021

Leonardo Andollo, deputy chief of the Standing Commission for Implementation and Development of the Guidelines, explained that the legislators approved that document during their discussions. They presented 33 suggestions for improvement and proposed to include four new guides to the existing 274.

He also stated that the updating presented to the Assembly continues the implementation of the guidelines adopted at the Sixth PCC Congress, in 2011, which was preceded by a massive popular participation.

Following discussions in the Parliament, the Commissions on Economic Affairs and Constitutional and Legal Affairs, drew up a project on the updating of those guidelines, which was unanimously approved.

Such an agreement, read in plenary session, establishes to approve and support the guidelines document, and provides that they become guiding elements of the work of all entities, officials of the State, Government, and the people in general.

It also instructs the permanent commissions to control and monitor the compliance with the working guidelines within those sectors.

The 7th PCC Congress agreed to maintain, modify or integrate 87.5 percent of the guidelines adopted five years ago, so along with the 44 included in the discussions prior to the party event, and six emerged from it, totaled 274 divided into 13 chapters.

A resolution recommending to the Parliament, the Government and the corresponding agencies was endorsed during that event. It will develop and adopt the necessary legal standards to continue improving the legal and institutional basis of the change process.

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