Council of State announces newly appointed ministers of Economy and Planning and Higher Education


Compañero Ricardo Cabrisas has extensive experience and preparation, demonstrated in the exercise of responsibilities in the government and the fulfillment of important missions, including the recent successful supervision of Cuba’s external debt restructuring process.

Upon this move, the work undertaken by compañero Murillo in fulfilling the duties of the office of Minister of Economy and Planning are recognized.

At the same time, the Council of State, at the proposal of its President, decided to relieve compañero Rodolfo A. Alarcón Ortiz of his responsibilities as Minister of Higher Education and appoint compañero José R. Saborido Loidi, current first vice minister of Higher Education in his place.

Compañero Saborido is a Doctor of Technical Sciences and tenured professor and has worked from the grassroots up in posts related to teaching including as an instructor, professor, dean, vice-rector and rector, until his appointment four years ago in his current responsibility.

Equally recognized is the commendable career of compañero Alarcón in the field of higher education for over 50 years, including his efforts as minister since 2012 and in the posts of deputy minister and first deputy minister over a period of more than two decades.

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