UN: Cuba Demands Stop of Double Standards and Selectiveness

Rodríguez stated her country’s rejection of the imposition of prescriptions or models designed in the interests of hegemonic domination and pleaded with the organization to avoid the enthronement of concepts and doctrines that are not the result of exhaustive debate and of consensus between the member states of the UNO.

She reminded her listeners that Cuba continues to be under the impact of an economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States for more than half a century.

“It is a flagrant, massive and systematical violation of the human rights of the Cuban people,” she stated.

Concerning the discussion in the forum of the importance of the Agenda 2030 of Sustainable development, adopted in last September, Rodríguez described it as being “a good platform for the promotion and protection of human rights”.

The representative of Cuba to the UN, also stated that the establishment of an inclusive, just and united international order must be imposed, which meets the needs of almost 800 million people suffering from famine and illiteracy and should also address the death of six million children due to preventable causes every year.

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