Cuban youth contingent honors Fidel

Their stay in Ciego de Ávila will include visits to historic sites such as the town of Lázaro López, the Trocha military defense stretching from Júcaro to Morón, while they learn about Fidel’s time in the area, according to Armelio León Almaguer, provincial coordinator for the Committees of the Defense of the Revolution (CDR).

In the run up to August 13, 168 people’s councils throughout the country will receive the 56th Anniversary distinction, stated Betty Oria González, a member of the CDR National Secretariat.

Among other activities planned for the coming months is the Second Scientific Event on the history of the CDRs, which will feature the participation of various provincial representatives, noted Oria González. Fidel will also be honored during the monthly voluntary work activities, neighborhood clean-up initiatives and blood donation drives.

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