Holguín to host FMC 56th anniversary celebrations

The document also summarizes the initiatives undertaken across provinces in the sphere of social care, health promotion and prevention – especially regarding issues such as teenage pregnancy, drug addiction, the vector control campaign, and work by the Women and Family Guidance centers – as well as those related to the teaching of the country’s history.

Achievements reached by the territories over the last 56 years include an increase in the number of young people taking on responsibilities in grass-roots-level organizations and community projects geared toward tackling and preventing social indiscipline, crime and illegalities, among other issues.

The document describes the results of efforts undertaken as “qualitatively superior” and notes that future challenges include “increasing women’s protagonism in the transformations which the context of updating Cuba’s social and economic model entails.

Being addressed in the ongoing political process “FMC: 56 years conquering the future,” is the role of FMC members in educating new generations of citizens, while the initiative also constitutes a space to ratify the organization’s commitment to the work of Fidel – celebrating his 90th birthday this August 13 – Raúl and the eternal example of Vilma.

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