Bolivia Opens Exhibition for Fidel Castro”s 90th Birthday

In statements to Prensa Latina, the deputy minister stressed the ties of brotherhood that joins Bolivia and Cuba, the support of the Revolution in sectors such as health and education and Fidel Castro’s support of the country’s fight to achieve sovereign access to the sea.

Fidel knew how to lead his people through the anti-imperialist path and never gave in, despite the blockade imposed by the United States, he said. Juan Villanueva, a representative of the Museum of Ethnography and Folklore, expressed pride in having an exhibition on a highly influential figure in the history of the peoples of the region at the center.

The exhibition will remain open until August 14th. It includes 28 images taken by photographer and documentary filmmaker, Roberto Chile, who accompanied Fidel during several decades in his daily work.

Eric Valdes, political counselor of the Cuban embassy in Bolivia, members of the diplomatic staff accredited here, legislators and representatives of many organizations that make up the committee for the 90th birthday of Fidel, attended the opening of the exhibition.

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