Ecuadorian Parliament President Visits Cuba

Invited by First Vice President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, and National People’s Power Assembly President, Esteban Lazo, Rivadeneira will carry out an intensive working program that includes meetings with representatives of the Federation of Cuban Women.

Ecuador is one of the countries with the highest female parliamentary participation at regional level, only surpassed by Cuba and Bolivia. Prior to her trip, Rivadeneiro mentioned on a radio program in her country her interest in learning about the Cuban health system and announced possible talks on issues linked with primary healthcare and the reproductive sphere.

The legislator will also meet with officials from the Ministry of Culture, specifically with directors of the Havana-based Casa de las Americas.

Rivadeneiro has been the president of the National Assembly of her nation since 2013, and is a member of the PAIS Alliance Movement. This is a political organization of the Citizen Revolution promoted by President, Rafael Correa.


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