Consensus to combat the right wing counteroffensive


Meanwhile, Secretary General of the Patria Roja Communist Party, Rolando Breña, stressed that the event, which brings together left wing parties from across the region, would have been incomplete without a tribute to the historic Cuban leader.

The closing day of the event saw a rich exchange of points of view regarding the Consensus of Our America, a document which establishes the foundations of a common program of action. Delegates highlighted the contribution of the Cuban delegation to the drafting of the text which, according to Balaguer, promotes analysis and discussion on the threats currently posed to progressive movements, in order to positively advance, while reiterating the importance of concepts such as independence, sovereignty, democracy and socialism.

Ramiro Cabezas, representing the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, praised the document as a huge contribution to these struggles and stressed that the name – Consensus of Our America – was particularly apt, as the text represents the counter position to the Washington Consensus, which the U.S. continues to attempt to impose on Latin America.


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