Josefina Vidal: Obama’s Mandate Concludes, Blockade Remains Intact

The US government insists that it has reached its limit regarding the issue, but many lawyers say the opposite, that there is still a broad spectrum for action, said Vidal to the Cuban youth gathered at the University of Havana.

Besides, the official explained details of the presidential directive recently issued regarding Cuba, which came into force this Monday. Vidal said that these measures represent a positive step, however, the measures are not enough regarding the benefits for Cuba.

However, Vidal highlighted the effort made in order to continue in the future the current process of strengthening ties with Cuba. Vidal explained, however, that since it is a presidential directive, it is possible that future administrations could decide not to continue with the strategy proposed by the Obama Administration.

Vidal said that the directive does not hide its intention to promote political changes in Cuba, and in order to do so, seeks to approach to the Cuban private sector. In addition, Vidal noted that the White House does not refuse to use hostile tools such as illegal transmissions and subversive programs against Cuba.

The official said that the directive clearly states that the United States has no plans to give back the illegally occupied territory in Guantanamo. Vidal said that the directive establishes a new policy based on the recognition of a failure: the US government did not achieve its strategic goal, which is to promote political changes in Cuba.

Vidal also reiterated the will of the Cuban government in establishing relations with the United States, but on the basis of respect for sovereignty, independence and self-determination of the people.

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