Cuba Thanks Promotion of Media Cooperation with China

Since its foundation in 1959, Prensa Latina has maintained close relations with the Chinese press throughout the several stages, reflected in many cooperation agreements signed, basically with the Xinhua news agency, Gonzalez said.

He also stressed that in May 2016, Xinhua and Prensa Latina have renewed cooperation agreements aimed at strengthening their ties and exchanges in the areas of training and technology based on reciprocal equity and mutual benefit.

As an example of the fruitful mutual assistance, Gonzalez has commented the case of the correspondents of the Beijing and Havana agencies, ‘with a sensitive logistical support of properties by the respective host country.’

Prensa Latina and Xinhua have shown true south-south cooperation during the history of their relations in front of hegemonic messages of the news multinationals, he said.

Pelayo Terry reflected on the importance of China as the second world economy and its growing role with regard to Latin America and, particularly, in the media field thanks to technologies.

Chinese President, Xi Jinping, has reaffirmed his country’s comprehensive strategic partnership with Latin America and the Caribbean and stressed its commitment to cooperation between media.

The director of Radio Rebelde station, Sofia Mabel Manso, and the director of Cuban Television, Waldo Ramirez, also attended the meeting in Cuba.


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