Cuba considered a torch of hope in the region

Participating in the 12th International Workshop on Emancipating Paradigms underway since Tuesday in Havana, Zuniga told ACN that Cuba is an example for nations to face imperialist and destabilizing actions.

Sometimes we are left without the desire of defending our rights due to the strong blows we receive, however, we think about Cuba, in those that fought and we gain strength to continue and make Latin America and the Caribbean a zone of peace, she said.

The new generations cannot be afraid we must assume the history of our peoples, she stressed highlighted the Cuban youth with their legacy of their heroes and martyrs.

Graduate in Humanities from the University of Pedagogical Sciences in Sancti Spiritus, Zuniga stressed in the need for men and women to dialog and reflect on how to work for a just society and equality for all.

He recalled the death of her mother, Berta Caceres assassinated last march for defending the rights of the indigenous peoples, which she characterized alongside other crimes as “one of the faces of capitalism”, based on repression and torture of leaders of social movements in the country.

She stressed the importance of the International Workshop dedicated to pay homage to her mother gathering academic and activists from over 20 countries with the objective of dialog on the new hegemonic disputes between emancipation and domination.

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