Rene Gonzalez: We have to keep Jose Marti´s legacy alive

Every young man has a Martí inside, but at the moment this youth is exposed to a bombardment of the media and new technologies that is very simplistic, therefore, the SCJM has to awaken the intelligence of the new generations and they, in turn, must feel protagonists, said the Hero of the Republic of Cuba.

It is necessary to “sow” Marti in each child, in each adolescent, for his thought to flow also from the neighborhoods, noted the antiterrorist fighter during the meeting that analyzed the work of the SCJM provincial branch in Sancti Spíritus province in 2016.

Gonzalez added that today the organization works to give back the role to young people who from an institution or municipality encourage the study of Marti’s work and values.

As part of the assembly, the SCJM national presidency awarded La Bota de Meñique prize to Luis Ernesto Camellón, one of the five young people who received this recognition in the country, while members and clubs of the territory were distinguished by their work in 2016.

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