About 2 000 People pay homage Daily to Fidel

Among the most recent testimonies of the nearly 30 000 visitors from other latitudes, she showed a flag dedicated to the undefeated leader of the Cuban Revolution by young people of the Judicial Federation of Argentina, the banner of a group of Italians sympathetic to Cuba and the poem dedicated by Iranian friends.

The commitment by peasants of Néstor P. Milián cooperative and that of the members of Villa Clara´s agency SEPSA stood out on the Cuban side.

Martha Hernández Cobas, specialist from the Office of the Curator of the City, said about the thousands of foreign visitors that whether they are from the United States, Canada, Russia, Japan or Latin America, they all agree to recognize the greatness of Fidel and his contribution to the just causes of the world.

In view of the growing number of persons attending the place, it is hoped one million people to have visited this patrimonial site by July and August.


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