Japanese Theater Company to perform in Cuba

With free tickets to the public, the Japanese artistic ensemble will stage the show ¨Exciting Okinawa: the flower of the sun, ¨ which focuses, through music, dance, theater, martial arts and ancestral legends, on traditions and cultural wealth of that island of the Asian archipelago.

Chura arrives in Havana as part of a program of exchanges between the ministries of Culture of Japan and Cuba, which aim is to publicize the Japanese demonstrations and show the characteristics of Okinawa, ancient kingdom of Ryukyu.

This company is on tour in Latin America and has planned presentations in Mexico, Panama, Guatemala and Cuba.

Founded in 1998, Chura is made up by a group of professional women dancers dedicated to rescuing the traditional Japanese discipline Ryukyu, in addition to other dancing expressions with a contemporary sense.

Okinawa is located in the south of Japan, in the Ryukyu archipelago, consisting of more than 160 islands in the form of a belt and it is also known as “the island of dancing and singing”, with a heritage of traditional arts that have remained virtually intact.

Ryukyu is a tradition named intangible cultural heritage of Japan and includes songs, choreographies and the taiko (great Japanese drum), among other elements of the Eisa dance and others, created during the postwar period.

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