Experts Warn on an Adequate Use of the Earth’s Natural Resources

Cuban specialist Kenya Nunez Cambra told close to one thousand professionals from 30 countries during the event’s inaugural ceremony that this demands a respectful behavior aimed at stopping and mending mistaken conducts towards minerals and support sustainable development.

President of the event’s organizing committee, Nunez Cambra told the participants at the Havana International Convention Center that the technological development has offerd possibilities for the solution to problems years ago, but this must be in conscious and responsible hands.

The also President of the Cuban Geology Society (ACG) also stressed the need in carrying out important scientific-technical exchanges between dedicated specialists and the innovating energy of the new generation, including university students.

ACG is the main promoter of the meeting where most of the representatives are from Mexico with 50, the US 37, China 29, Colombia 19 and 13 representing Venezuela informed Engineer Eric Escobar Perez Vice President of the non-governmental organization.

Most of them are leaders worldwide above all in seismology and tsunamis, mineral resources and oil, said Escobar.

The sessions will run until Friday and will include congresses on Geology, Geophysics, Mining, Oil and Gas in addition to Computer Sciences and Geo Sciences.

The event includes the exhibition of products, new technology and services for Geo Sciences, aimed at promoting equipment and accessories, developed by Cuban and foreign companies and will allow negotiations.

The Cuban Geology Society has over one thousand 750 members and 15 territorial branches. It granted its most important award during this convention, which is the Jose Antonio Calvache Dorado (1893-1984).

This award went to Doctors in Sciences Manuel Marrero Faz, Secretary of the Cuban Commission of the World Oil Congress for over 20 years and his colleague Jose Antonio Otano Noguel, Professor of the Moa Higher Institute of Mining in the province of Holguin. Both, 80 and 76 years of age respectively continue working.




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