United States: Radio and TV stations Close

This was evident in Daniel Morcate’s article published this Thursday by the New Herald in Miami.

Its title “The siege to public broadcasting”, and the way in which it is written shows his irritation.

He begins saying that the ignorants who have seized power, have declared war on all thinking being.

And that, he added, includes public radio and television which has provided a valuable service to the nation decades ago.

Especially, Morcate stressed, the rural communities where millions of simple people depend on it to get information and to think using their own heads.

Although, he said, “that is too much for ultraconservative ideologists” who favor our resignation to commercial media, like Fox News.

Hence the current administration in Washington, embodiment of that ideology, only sees “false news” in the media.

In tune with this, the White House proposes to remove the money allocated to the Public Broadcasting from the federal expenses.

This body is run by the Public  Broadcasting System y and the National Public Radio.

Both one and the other, Morcate recalled, have always been abhorred by “extremists of our rightwing.”

They have never accepted that their executives have carried out a journalism not always in harmony with the decisions of the official power.

According to the article, their fix goal of withdrawing funds from both entities is that a market economy does not allow a means of communication to receive funds from the state.

With their allies in the congress, the extremist ideologists had been able to cut down the money for public radio and television.

The cut consisted in 445 million dollars, 0.01% of last year’s federal budget. When is this new scheme taking place?

In moments when Donald Trump took a military project to the Capitol which exceeds the previous in 54 000 million dollars.

 The new Head of the White House budget Mick Mulvaneysaid that the government cannot justify that “a coal miner or a single mother”  pay that money.

This, despite the fact that they want to impose 54 000 dollars more on the coal miner and the single mother in this type of expenditure. When now we invest more in this regard than five other important nations together.

Given the uncomfortable similarity that emanates his case, Mulvaney dares to declare that in non-democratic countries the state radio and television reproduce lies and manipulations of the power.

Caught in his own contradictions, the official tries to make a 180-degree turn by adding that in the United States and other similar democracies they have become valuable media alternative sources.

If the latter is true what’s the reason behind the more or less covert war Washington has unleashed against them?

The question would have to be passed on to those who, like Donald Trump himself, have had nothing to do but deride the press and their representatives.

To block their access to meetings with the president, treating them publicly as unwelcome people and even place them on black lists for the future.

Hence, any resemblance to the most sinister stages of American journalism, is not precisely, pure coincidence.

Translated by ESTI

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