Cuba: Reference in the Health Assistance before Disasters

Doctor and Professor Pedro Luis Veliz, President of the Organizing Committee of the 7th International Congress on Emergencies and Intensive Care, which ends on Friday at Havana’s Convention Center with some 300 delegates from some 20 countries, had assumed that position.

Cuba belongs to the Pan American Federation of the field, made up by almost 20 Latin American countries including the US, Spain, Portugal and Canada said Quintero, specialist in critical medicine and intensive care.
The Colombian specialist offered two conferences at the event, one on the use of percutaneous tracheostomy in cancer patients in intensive care and the other related with the management of oncological patients in the field.
He announced that courses can be organized with the support of the federation on the types of natural disasters that most affect the continent in order to offer them in Latin American countries and insisted in the importance for intensive care specialists to exchange knowledge.
The specialist characterized the congress as excellent where some 350 scientific works were presented while the Cuban research in the field was highlighted.
Friday’s scientific program will include a round table on morbidity and mortality in the adult, pediatric and neo natal intensive care units in Pinar del Rio, which exhibits important achievements.
Doctors Maria Elena Portal Miranda, Alina Breijo and other professionals in the field from the western region also participated in the dissertation, moderated by the eminent Cuban scientist Dr. Irene Pastrana Roman, specialist in Internal Medicine and specialist in Intensive Medicine.
The province of Pinar del Rio obtained the lowest infant mortality rate in the country with 2.1 per one thousand live births this past year.

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