Bay of Pigs: An Invasion in Latin America Not Condemned by OAS

Located in Cuba’s southern coAst, within the Bay of Pigs, Playa Giron–Giron beach—was the site chosen by the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency, for the landing of a well armed military contingent, which has come down in history as the notorious 2506 Brigade.  

Recruited by the CIA, the powerful mercenary contingent was trained in Central American nations, which in a subservient attitude allowed their territories to be used against a sister  nation that shared with them a  similar history and traditions.  

For those puppet governments, approval of the attack by US President Dwight D. Eisenhower and the recruiting of mercenaries by US agencies justified their action.

Eisenhower and his successor, John F. Kennedy, shouldered the responsibility for the invasion, also shared by the US Navy, whose war vessels escorted the puppet brigade up to Cuba’s central southern coast  

The mercenary brigade numbered fifteen hundred perfectly trained and heavily armed members, equipped with tanks, artillery and heavy air cover.  It landed on Cuba’s Southern coast on 17 April.

To their surprise, the invaders faced an unexpected resistance from the Cuban Rebel Army and a nascent  police and militia force.

Under the firm leadership of Fidel Castro, Cuba beat back the invaders, less than seventy two hours after their landing.  

The human cost that Cuba had to pay was heavy. One hundred and 76 people, including some fishermen and farmers, were killed in the fighting, and more than three hundred others were wounded. 

Operation PLUTO, as the Pentagon and the CIA named their invasion, ended in major disaster,  becoming the first military defeat of the United States in Latin America, and showing the world that the strongest, most aggressive military power in the world could also be defeated.

The Organization of American States, the OAS, did not condemn this brutal, deadly aggression. On a day like today, when Cubans celebrate victory at the Bay of Pigs, and as the OAS threatens Venezuela, it is worth remembering the treacherous attitude of this organization, which early enough showed that it lacked moral  standards, as it plays the role of a thug at the service of the United States.




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