Bioelectric Plant to be built in Cuban Province of Ciego de Avila

Manuel Dominguez, business director of ZERUS S.A., anticipated the participation in the ceremony of leaders of AZCUBA sugar group and other Cuban institutions and invited foreign personalities, including diplomats, as well as national and foreign entrepreneurs linked to the electricity generation with renewable sources of energy.

According to Invasor newspaper, the work is one of the strategic objectives in Ciego de Ávila for a cleaner, more diverse and efficient production towards the change of Cuba´s energy matrix.

Dominguez cited statements by Carmen Taboada, vice president of the joint venture Biopower S.A., who said the plant will have an extension of five hectares, two of them for the assembly of technological equipment and the rest destined to the storage of the raw material and other functions.

Our center will use cane bagasse during the active time of the sugar factory and after the harvest we will use marabou as fuel, Taboada stated.

She added that the new center will have technologies from the Institute of Design and Study of Machinery Industry, in Shanghai, China, which has high prestige in the manufacture of energy modules.

Biopower S.A., entity formed with capital of the British company Havana Energy and ZERUS S.A., the latter attached to AZCUBA Sugar Group, will contribute to materialize one of the strategic objectives for the production in Cuba of cleaner and more efficient energy.

Our joint venture was created in November 2012, but because of the US blockade against Cuba, we had to stop the first hiring, which continued thanks to the negotiations with China´s Shanghai Electric Company, emphasized Taboada.

Meanwhile, ZERUS S.A. is focused on setting up joint ventures and other forms of business with foreign investors, and emerged on September 23, 1997 as QUIMINAZ and in 2005 it changed its name by the current one.

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