Impact of Climate Change on Medicinal Plants

Nestor Alvarez Cruz, head of the Environment Unit of the Territorial Office of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in the province of Sancti Spiritus exhibited the problems of climate change which he stressed as unstoppable.
We cannot change the circumstances, but must adapt to them and act in correspondence to demands, said the researcher who recalled that one of the causes of climate change is the uncontrolled emission of gases to the atmosphere causing global warming.
He explained that even of humanity stopped attacking the environment, the recovery of the climate, the normalization of the temperatures and the stability of the sea level would take hundreds of years.
According to an analysis  in the scientific meeting, the variations presented in the climate has an influence on the metabolism of the plants, the development of the buds, blossoming of the flowers, formation of the fruits and the sprouting of the seeds.
The forum, which began on Thursday and will end with practical workshops on Saturday, had over one hundreds works related on the use of natural products to be used as medicinal medicine with the use of the soil, agro ecological management of vegetable species and elements linked to the environment among other issues.
Some 160 researchers from the Ministries of Agriculture and Health participated in the event, in which new technological solutions were presented for the efficient production of medicinal plants and the use of water.
The last plenary session included the presence of Jose Ramon Monteagudo, First Secretary of the Communist Party in the territory, along with other government leaders, representatives from the agriculture and health sectors, several of which highlighted the scientific rigor of the analyzed works.


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