Temer about being Removal from Office

Now, it is very likely that the 66 members of that commission vote in future about the accusation against Michel Temer before the majority of the lower house could do it.

According to the Brazilian law, two thirds of the 513 members of the lower house which might be approved the accusation against Michel Temer so that it could get into the Supreme Court. Then if it voted in favor to accept the accusation, Michel Temer would be sent to trial and suspended his presidency immediately for a period of up to 180 days. The then president of the Brazilian upper house, Rodrigo Maia, would occupy that position in that case.

The leaders of the Brazilian Social Democracy, which is the coalition force of Michel Temer, gathered on Monday as an emergency meeting in order to avoid an internal division that is the result of the support for the party of the head of state.

To this venue, there were 16 members of the National Direction of the Brazilian Social Democracy who attended, along with the former president, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the former foreign minister and the senator José Serra, the major from Sao Paulo city, the very likely presidential candidate, João Doria and the senate and former candidate Aecio Neves, among others.

Michel Temer has been denounced for his allegedly crime passive corruption, and before the aforementioned meeting carried out on Monday, the instructor of the case in that commission of the Constitution and Justice of the lower house, the deputy Sergio Zveiter, read the report in which that legislator states that there are parameters to open the trial.

Sergio Zveiter is part of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party that is led by Michel Temer. However, he considered that the society has the right to know the true which could be also known in a trial in which Temer would be guaranteed the wide use of the right about his defense.

Michel Temer near of being removed from office.

The accusations

Michel Temer was accused of having received a $ 500.00 Real currency ($ 150.000 dollars) from the JBS that is the biggest meat processing company of that nation through an advisory that the local police photographed while he was getting a suitcase with that money before being arrested. The Brazilian district attorney´s office states that sum was being sent to Michel Temer and he has denied it, categorically.

Michel Temer, who is from the center and right wing party, said to be confident as he had an enough majority of opinions to file the case in the plenary meeting which could vote differently to the vote of the 66 members of the Brazilian Supreme court of Justice that is expected to carry out their vote, during this week.

Even though he has not been affected by some previous investigations, this last one could remove him from power.

These events take place some days later than a local survey showed the social acceptance about Michel level is barely a 7 % which is a number that is considered the lowest shown for any president in Brazil, since the last 30 years.

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