Cuban lawmakers to discuss draft Constitution of the Republic

Since last June 2, when the ANPP agreed to begin the constitutional reform process, the group, made up of specialists in the different sciences, not just the legal ones, worked at an accelerated pace on the research carried out by Cuban experts in the field for five years.

The Commission presented a preliminary draft of the new Constitution of the Republic to the Seventh Plenary Meeting of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, in which each of its precepts was thoroughly analyzed.
This Friday, the 10 standing committees of the National Assembly met in three groups to continue the study of the document and the clarification of doubts, as a prelude to the debate that is expected to take place this Saturday and will be broadcast on Cuban television.
In each of these meetings, members of the temporary committee responsible for constitutional reform and a group of advisers participated in order to continue to deepen their knowledge of the document containing 224 articles.  
During the work in committees prior to the ordinary session, the deputies discussed matters concerning the functioning of the legislative body, including the plans of activities for the second half of this year.
In the Economic Affairs Committee, the Ministry of Finance and Prices reported on the liquidation of the 2017 State Budget, which will also be announced this  Saturday.
This committee, in conjunction with the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs, will present its opinion on the execution of the budget.
After the Constitutive session last April and the extraordinary session last June, this will be the first ordinary session of the 9th Legislature.  


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