New Tax Regulations for local Self-Employed Workers

Vladimir Regueiro Ale, who is the main director of the tax policy of the local finance and prices ministry, stated that the new tax regulations are aimed at keep improving the control mechanisms on the tx payments, besides, they will join the strengthening the tax process carried out by the National Tax Administration Office as part of the gradual implementation of the law number 113 of the tax system.

In the same way, that local official talked about the responsibility in terms of paying the taxes as a way to contribute to the sustainability of the public expenses from which all the locals are benefitted.

We should highlight that the collections carried out by the self-employ workers since 2010 into the local economics represent a 5 % of its total while the state-run enterprises guarantee the 86 % of it. However, the related higher impact can be seen through the local budgets where the levels of participations are achieved in relation to financing for the carrying out of other activities.

With those measures, it is being observed a series of failures that were visible such as the inappropiate incomes statement on the monthly payments and the sworn statement about the incomes. Another of the problems detected has been linked to the lack of the related statement by the hired workers in some activities.

This process, which is aimed at improving the tax regulations, does not mean an increase of the tax regulations. It is designed to order some activities and its payment tax and this will allow defining its range, the deducible expenses and the fees to be applied.

From 123 of its official activities, there would be 52 ones left as part of the General Payment system and this is the widest one which is designed for more complex provisions which have the highest income levels. These are features for the monthly payment of the tax for services, the sales and the closure of the year through a sworn statement. The 71 activities left would provide less complex system which is about the mothly payment of a fixed fee and they cannot hire workforce.

There are three new related occupations includes baker, bars and recreational services and the lessor of means of transportation who will carry out their payment through the general system.

As part of the study, it was decided to transfer six activities from the simple related system into the general one due to the high incomes obtained by their doers. They are the ones described as car-wash operators, car-grease operators, driving instructors, typists, locksmith, book sellers, air compressor operators and tire-repair operator, respectively.


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