New social works in Granma on the occasion of the National Rebellion Day

Wilber Jerez Milanés, member of the Political Bureau of the Cuba´s Communist Party (PCC) and Francisco Escribano, vice president of the Administration Body in Granma, opened this facility, which will benefit the more than 1,990 inhabitants of the community and will allow facing the complex epidemiological situation of the area.

According to Eliécer Hernández, director of the David Moreno polyclinic, in Santa Rita, to which this doctor´s office belongs, it will also help to change the lifestyles of the inhabitants of the zone, and reduce the alcohol addiction and teen pregnancies rates which are so common in this rural area.

On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the assaults on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Garrisons, an agricultural market was inaugurated in Santa Rita, Jiguaní, which offers a wide range of products for the benefit of the population.

Later, in the municipal capital of Jiguaní, the first CUPET gas station of that municipality was inaugurated, located right of the central highway and with all the services to locals and travelers.

In Jiguaní, the maternity home was also reopened after a full restoration, which will welcome some twenty pregnant women of high risk and provide them differentiated care there.

According to Dr. Rosa Marilín Álvarez García, director of health in the territory, this facility benefits the indexes of the maternal and child program in the territory, which shows among the results zero infant and maternal mortality so far this year, while decreasing the high rate of low birth weight.

The inauguration of social works in salute to the July 26th, presided over by Wilber Jerez Milanés, member of the Provincial Bureau of the PCC and Francisco Escribano, vice president of the Administration Body in Granma, continued in Guisa where the coffee testing and analysis laboratory was reopened.

Remodeled and equipped with new technologies, this plant allows improving the quality of life of workers as well as favoring the financial situation of the entity, according to Rafael Batista Santiesteban, general director of Batalla de Guisa Agroforestry Company, which has 45 production bases.

In the territory of Guisa, a small apartment subsidized housing was delivered to Ana Luisa Suárez, a woman with a complex family situation.

Also, other 14 housing to benefit people and families with several difficulties will be delivered in this territory.

Finally, the tour led by representatives of the Party and the Government in the province opened a service complex in Guisa where bakery, ideal market and other newly built facilities to benefit the mountainous territory.


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