Consultation process on the Draft Constitution is under way

Granma newspaper reports that Sunday’s sessions were devoted to a fruitful exchange with members of the Committee of Deputies that prepared the Draft Constitution that was debated and approved in the National Assembly of People’s Power, and that will be submitted for consultation with all citizens between August 13 and November 15.

On Monday, it was explained how the information will be processed on the proposals made in the more than 135,000 consultation meetings planned in work centers, study centers, in the community and abroad, which will be conducted by more than 7,600 selected duos who will receive similar training in the territories.

Six hundred thousand copies of the Draft Constitution will be put on sale at the price of one peso in all municipalities during the course of this week, as they are distributed by the Correos de Cuba Business Group. It will also be available on the website of the National Assembly of People’s Power and those of the main mass media to facilitate access for the entire population.

As Army General Raúl Castro Ruz pointed out last July 26, “a transcendental political and democratic exercise will begin, whose success will depend, in the first place, on the active and committed participation of the Cubans, under the leadership of the Communist Party and with the help of the Young Communist League and the mass organizations, in which each citizen must understand the need and scope of the changes we must introduce in the Constitution, so as to guarantee the irrevocable nature of socialism and the continuity of the Revolution”.


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