Draft Constitution Debated among Educators in Ciego de Avila

During the consultation process of the draft Constitution among over 70 members of the Education directives in the territory, Olivera Isern expressed that participating in the exercise of the sovereign power of the Cuban people ratifies once again the democratic system of the country.

He said that everyone must read the draft project several times because there are important changes that once approved are of strict compliance.

The educators, he added, play an important role in this process as each one of our centers and in the neighborhood; we are a reference to explain any doubts the people might have.

The provincial director of the sector, Barbara Rodriguez Milian proposed adding the work obligation to article 84 related with the right of all persons to education, because there are passive manifestations of some parents and teachers regarding the decision of their children under 18 years of age to not continue their studies.

Rodriguez Milian said that each group of the Federation of Secondary Students in the 10 municipalities will begin analyzing the document next month with the objective of educating the new generation to the law of laws.

Other interventions were related with the country’s symbols and attributes, care of the environment and children, obligations with the work of capable people in contributing to the prosperous and sustainable development required by Cuban society.

The First Secretary of the Communist Party in the province, Felix Duarte Ortega was present during the debates of the draft Constitution.

Over one thousand proposals related with the content of the draft Constitution of the Republic of Cuba were given during the participation of the people from Ciego de Avila since August 13th when the popular debates began.

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