Diaz-Canel makes government visit to Ciego de Ávila

Daz-Canel began his tour of the tourist destination Jardines del Rey, formed by Coco and Guillermo Keys, where there are currently 8,640 hotel rooms in operation, distributed in 22 accommodation facilities, including 18 hotels.

There, Sergio Ramón Ricaño Pérez, government representative of the Cuban northern keys, from Villa Clara to Camagüey, explained to him about the development of the hotel program approved by the Council of Ministers until 2030.
Given the president’s interest in knowing how Ciego de Avila is to assume the winter season, or high tourism season, Iyolexis Correa, delegate of the Minister of the sector in the province, explained that it is working on the recovery of about 900 rooms mainly on decks, affected after the passage of Hurricane Irma and Tropical Storm Alberto.
Díaz Canel called to take care of the quality of the works that are made so that the services are not affected and to avoid unnecessary expenses to the country, he was also interested in how the province supplies to the tourism.
The delegate of the branch specified that this season arrive at the destination five flights less than in the previous one, but already are confirmed two new arrivals from Russia and an operation of Poland.
In the working visit that Diaz-Canel makes to Ciego de Ávila he is accompanied by several ministers and authorities of the province.

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