More complaints against US blockade to Cuba in times of pandemic

Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc affirmed on Friday that the Communist Party, the State and the people of his country are next to Cuba amid the fight against the novel coronavirus, and stressed that this is a reciprocal feeling.

Upon receiving Havana Ambassador to Hanoi Lianys Torres, the head of Government pointed out that they will be along with Cuba to help it alleviate the rigors of the blockade and face the difficulties the novel coronavirus could bring.

French parliamentary leader Andre Chassaigne on Friday condemned the Washington blockade against Cuba, a policy he described as even more murderous at a time when humanity is facing the aforementioned pandemic.

Amid this context, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez denounced on Friday the lies by the US Department of State about alleged exports of medical equipment and supplies from his country to the island.

Meanwhile, Cuban Ambassador to UNESCO Yahima Esquivel denounced the limitations imposed by the blockade during a virtual meeting of the Executive Council of the UN specialized agency for education, science and culture.

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