Officials Warn of Fire Danger in Times of COVID-19

10 percent of fires are of electrical origin, exemplified with statistics that show the need to “alert our population, now with more presence in the homes of children and the elderly.”

They mentioned the National Office for the Control of the Rational Use of Energy (ONURE), of the Ministry of Energy and Mines, and its insistence on saving electricity due to its high consumption, particularly at times of greatest demand in the midst of the offensive against COVID-19.

For these reasons, they suggested that flammable liquid containers should be kept covered and marked, as well as not leaving minors in the care of the kitchen, which should be kept in good technical condition, after repairing any damage of any kind , including leaks, and burners.

If you notice a smell of gas in your house, close the shutoff valve, do not turn on or off lights or electrical equipment, ventilate the room and report to the emergency service of the gas company, advised to do it as quickly as possible.

He indicated that the electrical outlet should not be overloaded, with more than one piece of equipment connected at the same outlet, and never replace defective fuses with wires, coins or any other metal device.

They expanded the instructions to not smoke while lying down, nor to throw matches, cigarettes or lighted cigars, but they should be well extinguished and use an ashtray.

The authorities also indicated that there should be no matches or lighters within the reach of children, do not leave the electric iron connected or containers with boiling clothes on the stove without the required attention and always keep in mind the safety measures when manipulate gas cookers.

Likewise, he added, in the centers that are working, either in administrative or productive activities, they must take into account, among other measures, that of keeping all fire protection systems active.

The latter include the water network, portable fire extinguishers, emergency lighting systems, automatic detection and extinguishing systems, protection against electric shock and signaling.

In addition, do not smoke in areas with danger of fire and explosion, comply with the storage regulations, do not accumulate combustible solid waste and maintain order and cleanliness of the areas before, during and after the working day.

Likewise, keep the Fire Brigades and the rest of the workers prepared in terms of security, and carry out maintenance on technological equipment and networks, especially electrical ones.

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