Polo from Las Terrazas community to the stars

You were never far away, Polo, that’s why you’re still close. You won people´s love  with the naturalness of a guajiro. You only played  your  guitar and you took out songs (almost a hundred) that became musical hits in  Cuba and  our America.

You did not  need to know how to write musical notes, because you used the rhythms as you got to know them and mixed them in your own style. You managed to find beauties in the simple events of everyday life.

Who cares that Fernando Borrego Linares had barely passed third grade in primary school? Of course, in less than three years you reached fame, or popularity, because the other never puffed you up, not even for being the third Cuban awarded a platinum record (for Guajiro Natural, your first CD).

There is no revelry but in the house of each of those who miss you; those of us who wanted more melodies and more records from you; the proud ones when you put to dance entire squares of Mexico, Spain and Colombia; those of us who know you are a great coal maker , cow milker, tractor driver, cane cutter … and the musician who climbed from Las Terrazas hills to the stars.

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