Rosita Fornes, pride of the Cuban people, says Viengsay Valdes

She achieved success with her beauty, charisma and innate talent. Today, she leaves us with a nice memory and a trail of nostalgia, reflected the first dancer in exclusive statements to Prensa Latina. 

Valdés recalled that Fornés shared a close friendship with Cuban prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso, founder of the world-renowned Cuban ballet school together with Alberto and Fernando Alonso.

She also commented that last year the BNC had the honor of participating in a tribute gala to Fornés’ 80 years of artistic life, held at the Alicia Alonso Grand Theater in Havana.

According to the director, for that show she chose to present the Adagio de la Rosa, one of the famous scenes of the ballet Sleeping Beauty, for being one of the most beloved classics of the world public and with regard to the coincidence of the name.

The people of Cuba will display this Tuesday a series of tributes to the outstanding dancer, singer and actress, whose funeral takes place at the Martí Theater in this capital, one of the many stages where she triumphed.

The ceremony will be broadcast live on radio and television channels of the Caribbean country and, once completed, the Fornés’ last wish to rest in the family vault located in the Colón Cemetery, Havana, after a private ceremony.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Culture, the funeral procession will depart from the Martí Theater around 15:00 local time, and will transit through the central avenues of Prado, Malecon and 23 to 12, the route in which people will give the last goodbye to the artist awarded with the National Music, Theater and Television awards.

Finally, at 21:00 local time, national television promotes an applause dedicated to Fornés from all corners of the island as a worthy popular tribute to one of the most beloved Cuban artists of all time.

This initiative coincides with the recognition that health workers are paid at that hour each night for their altruistic dedication to the fight against COVID-19.

We will also applaud Rosita Fornés, invites the statement and explains that the proposal responds to the impossibility of participating massively in the ceremony at the Martí Theater, due to the current situation generated in Cuba and the world by the new coronavirus.

Fornés passed away on June 10 in the United States, but to fulfill the last wishes of ‘Cuba’s Vedette’, her remains were transferred to this country, for their definitive rest.

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