Cuba participates in meeting of agriculture ministers of the Americas

HAVANA, Cuba, July 14 (ACN) Cuba took part in the 2nd online meeting of ministers and secretaries of agriculture, fisheries, livestock, food and rural development of the Americas, which focused on strategies to ensure food security and nutrition of the population.
This initiative was developed by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Maury Hechavarria Bermudez, Cuban deputy minister of agriculture, reported on Twitter.
The meeting discussed how to achieve an agricultural activation in the current post-pandemic period, and the authorities of the sector have committed to take action at the national, regional and hemispheric levels.
Among the actions to be followed, defined at the meeting, they stressed that efforts will be made to strengthen food production, since the agrifood sector will play a strategic role in boosting the economy.
The countries They should also apply health measures where necessary to protect human, animal and crop health and life without causing a restriction or barrier to international trade and food flows.
 According to the meeting summary, published on the FAO website, the agriculture ministers should reaffirm their commitments within the World Trade Organization to facilitate this action and not to create unnecessary barriers.

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