Radio Aggression: A perverse weapon (Part 2)

On this occasion, other sides of the radio aggression against Cuba are focused, some of the malign intentions of the enemy’s radio broadcasting actions are revealed. Precisely, an example indeed insulting is Radio Martí, set on May 20th, 1985 to the purpose of carrying out a new attack on the sovereignty of Cuba’s radio electrical space and an undeniable offense to Martí’s independence and anti-imperialist legacy.

Through Radio Martí waves, Guillermo Fariñas, a notorious counterrevolutionary, who transformed hunger strikes into a sports event with the support of the empire and by which he became a heroic anti-Castro fighter, affirmed that “the government of the United States has the moral responsibility for democracy in any part of the world, including Cuba” (04.o4.15); “The United States is the world’s first democracy. A nation that cannot resign the principle of democracy and respect for human rights, even though Cuba does not understand it.” (22.05.15). Clearly, I have only referred to one example of bootlicker, because many other noxious specimens exist, like Jorge Mas Canosa, president of the counterrevolutionary Cuban-American Foundation, or simply, one more among those hoping to be included in the unworthy club of money hunters.

Just to mention one, here is an example of to what extent Radio Martí is capable of acting, driven by the obsession of destroying Cuba, by assuming irresponsible attitudes that cause great damage to any respected communication outlet: “A Cuban Security Agent who had been president of the Union of Independent Journalists of Cuba, an organization without members, set up a test to show his false arrest by a Cuban policeman, and which happening was immediately informed by the radio station.” In other words, they did not even respect themselves, because the purpose was and still is to undermine Cuba’s prestige at any cost. And this is the same radio station that cannot be heard in Cuba and that still counts on millions to continue operating, a sum of money that obviously comes from US taxpayers.

Naturally, this media war imposed on us is closely linked to the objectives of other “independent and democratic” media, determined to turn life in this planet impossible. In other words, they insist in criminalizing honest governments; promoting coups d’état (including the so-called soft coups d’état ); turning victimizers into victims; making many people deem good and necessary the idea of bombing civilians around the world under the pretext of saving democracy and human rights. All this appears accompanied by “trash or false” news made to keep people busy with trivial affairs; this is how evasion and conformism take form with the passing of time.



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