Radio aggression: A perverse weapon (Part 4 End)

Naturally, Radio Martí is among those dealing with a mission of such a “responsible nature”. Therefore, in this context, I will refer to three of the counter-propaganda methods that are commonly practiced by radio enemies of Cuba and its people.

First of all, minimizing, ignoring, and/or undermining the importance of achievements in Cuba, that is, not recognizing them. This method is known by minimization. Another similar way of hurting the Island is a certain vow of silence, by which all arguments presented by Cuba or any other country enemy of the empire are never acknowledged. And another method frequently used is precisely spreading rumors, which are of unverified origin and run from mouth to mouth, while in their tour they suffer modifications.  Rumors are characterized by dealing with an issue that interests many people, very harmful indeed, and can only be destroyed by objective information.

Also noteworthy here are the disassociating objectives, which to a lesser or higher extent, always travel through the enemy’s radio waves, and obviously, appear in other communication outlets of the so-called first world. The intention of such disassociating objectives can be summarized as follows:

  1. a) to create frictions between social groups
  2. b) to make social leaders responsible for the difficulties
  3. c) to promote internal disputes
  4. d) to nurture personal interests, while disregarding social needs
  5. e) to promote defeatism and despair
  6. f) to set panic
  7. g) to favor subversion, and
  8. h) to induce desertion.

I hereby invite you to see for yourself how Radio Marti is behaving during these days of world pandemic urgency, in its urge to hurt Cuba, the same nation that has become an example for the world in the struggle against Covid-19. Herein is a summary of the poisonous information darts transmitted with specific propaganda objectives:

1- …“the economy is blocked by its own government”

2- “The unfortunate *coleros are being hounded and are victims of mistreatment.”

3- …“loss of prestige for the Cuban health brigades”

4- …“the figures reported on the pandemic are not true”

5- …“bloody events resulting from the social crisis”

6- “Exports are deemed more important than providing food for the people”

However, the former examples are just an insignificant portion of all the calumnies and the most insulting distortions that intend to damage the true image the world already has conscience of and that they strive to deny. I will just mention one of those actions, although it may seem unbelievable: the enemies affirm that “the pandemic in Cuba has resulted from Cuban doctors infected in Venezuela”. In this case, they are not only saying a bare-face-lie but also, are trying to smear one of the most beautiful pages in the history of the Cuban Revolution, its solidarity and humane health system.

 Before I conclude, I would like to briefly mention one of the manipulation strategies applied on public opinion, that is “ to maintain the public under ignorance and nonsense” so that the methods used for its control and enslaving are not understood. For this reason, the quality in the education transmitted to the lower class should be the most deficient and as mediocre possible, thus allowing a gap of ignorance between lower and upper classes, a cultural breach that is to remain not understood by the disadvantaged. 

*( people dedicated to sell spots in markets lines or buy products for hoarding and later selling at higher prices)

Translation by Gilda Gil


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