Cuba has been faithful to its words expressed before the UN

And faithful to the stance the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, defined as principle in the UN context, the Cuban President, Miguel Díaz-Canel once more reiterated Cuba’s vibrant word, in a truthful and just speech.

He described the imperialist administration as an aggressive and morally corrupt regime, which despises and attacks multilateralism, which uses financial blackmail and departs from the spaces of universal consensus promoted by the UN, which encourages fury of all kinds, which multiplies coercion and sanctions on those who adversely affect and sponsor the forcible overthrow of sovereign governments.

He insisted on reforming the United Nations, an organization that emerged from the millionaire cost of lives of two world wars and as a result of the universal understanding of the importance of dialogue, negotiation, cooperation and international legality, it cannot delay its updating and its democratization.

He drew attention to the different lessons that the pandemic has left for the world, whose consequences, aggravated by the mercantile dictatorship of neo-liberalism, urgently require the
implementation of comprehensive policies in which the human being is the priority and not the economic gains or advantages. policies.

The President of Cuba reiterated Cuba’s permanent commitment to peace, solidarity, and development, and offered the United Nations what an immovable principle is for the country: Save lives and share what we are and have.

Always, the force of truth will smash lies, and history will put the facts and the protagonists in their place. The example of Cuba will prevail, affirmed the president of the republic of Cuba.

Miguel Díaz Canel, by denouncing at the United Nations the policy of economic asphyxiation and demonization of the United States Government against the revolution, demonstrated the double standards of the White House in the fight against terrorism that it promotes with impunity, and condemned the hostility and defamation of the internationalist work of Cuban doctors.

“Doctors and not bombs! That was the pronouncement uttered one day by the Cuban Revolution’s historical leader and chief sponsor of scientific development in Cuba, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz. That is our motto. Saving lives and sharing what we are and what we have, no matter what sacrifice it demands, this is what we’re offering to the world as we address the United Nations.

All we are seeking in return is a United Nations attuned to the gravity of the present moment.

“Let us strive together to promote peace, solidarity, and development,” concluded Miguel Diaz- Canel.


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