To Nila Sánchez Cuban Radio is her greatest love

Now, crossing the threshold of her seven decades, the talented actress Nila Sanchez admits to be in love, just like the first day, with the media of greatest reach and more options.

After going through the Actors Training School of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT), where she received classes from exceptional actors such as Alejandro Lugo, Alden Knight, Alfredo Perojo and Severino Puente, Nila’s professional artistic life began.

In the early 70s, Radio Liberacion radio station (now Radio Arte) was the first to air her voice, and though she was still a student then, this possibility also provided her with the first leading role on the televised drama program La Conjura de la Ciénaga, where she shared scenes with talented actors such as Miguel Navarro, Pedro Alvarez and Veronica Lynn, among other outstanding figures of the Cuban scene.

In a clear and slowly-paced voice she says: I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with the most important Cuban actors and directors of all times. Although it is a bit difficult to talk about the characters that have most marked my existence, I remember the girl Chicharrita, who played in Viento Sur, a radio soap opera by Joaquin Cuartas that was broadcast with great success on Radio Progreso.

The charismatic actress also made reference to her permanence in the oldest of the Cuban stations: I really like the programming that Radio Progreso has, and this station has welcomed me very well, it has been a reciprocal affection. I have worked in all radio stations, but I never left Progreso, because I’m totally identified with its programming.

As a good model to follow by the youngest, she did not miss the opportunity to leave her recommendation: An actor has to be extremely disciplined, has to study hard and practice his or her voice and diction a lot, this is very important , because we are here to educate, and cannot speak like anyone else does on the street. ”

“We are teachers inasmuch as we assume a responsibility whenever we are in front of a microphone.”

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