Raúl Castro: A life dedicated to Cuba and its Revolution (+Video)

The two-volume text is a compilation of speeches, interviews and statements by Raúl between June 2006 and May 2019, during which time he held the top government and Communist Party post in Cuba.

In presenting the book, Abel Prieto Jiménez, President of Casa de las Américas, said the text proposes a new approach to Raúl’s revolutionary thinking and action

‘These pages cover more than a decade, during which time transcendental events in the history of our nation took place,’ said Abel Prieto and mentioned the debate and approval of the Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Revolution and the Communist Party, the return to Cuba of the three Cuban anti-terrorist fighters — members of the Cuban Five– who were still serving unfair prison terms in the United States. All Five reunited in Cuba, just as leader Fidel Castro had promised years before.

Other transcendental events during that period included the reestablishment of diplomatic relations with the United States, the passing of Revolution leader Fidel Castro and the broad public debate on the new Cuban Constitution and its subsequent approval in a national referendum.

On hand for the book launching at Havana’s Revolution Palace were Parliament President Esteban Lazo Hernández; Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, other Cuban government and Communist Party leaders and those, who have accompanied Raúl in countless battles over nearly seven decades, among them Rebel Army Commander José Ramón Machado Ventura and Revolution Commanders Ramiro Valdés and Guillermo García Frías, and a group of renowned Cuban intellectuals.

This book reveals the unbroken thread that unites the thought and actions of Raúl and Fidel Castro –two men united by family bonds and by common ideals, principles and values.

Published by Ediciones Celia publishing house, belonging to the Office of Historical Affairs of the Cuban Presidency, ‘Revolución: la obra más hermosa’ invites to reflect on our own behavior and our actions,’ said Abel Prieto and stressed that the new text allows readers to assess and appreciate the courage, integrity and stature of Raúl Castro as a revolutionary, a leader and as a human being.


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