The healthy pride of being a native of the Island of Music

There is no other event in Cuba conpared to Cubadisco, not only because of the number of works in competition but also because of the impressive quality that distinguishes them.

Let us choose any category at random, to be surprised once again by the fairness of the Prizes awarded. If we select the Tradición Sonera category, the album A romper el coco by Alexander Abreu, Alain Pérez and Mayito Rivera, it is a perfect storm of dance music where the talent and swing that these three masters permeate tradition are as authentic as if talking about current themes because of their validity.  

At the other extreme, such as the Neo-jazz category, the duo formed by the double bass player Gaston Joya with the pianist Rolando Luna, on the album Fusión de Almas, lead us from the greatest possible subtlety and elegance, along the paths of creative versions and  essential Latin American composers such as Argentine Alberto Ginestera and Cuban Amadeo Roldan, while a master of the sensitivity required to sing like Haydée Milanés, with the album Amor awarded in the Song category, raises the bar by making memorable duets not only with her  acclaimed father but also with relevant interpreters of contemporary song such as Omara Portuondo, Fito Páez and Chico Buarque among other personalities.

Another record success of this Cubadisco 2021, is the Grand Prize for the album La Alianza Musical de Cuba, where Manolito Simonet has managed to summon almost everything that is worth and shines among the cultists of Cuban dance music to pay homage to a mythological figure of the Son in our country like master Adalberto Álvarez.

In short, wherever one looks at this recently completed Cubadisco, one will only find imagination, good taste, virtuosity and the sense of belonging that qualifies all these Cuban musicians who honor us.

They, along with the organizers of the event, the record companies, the mass media and social networks, have done their thing to give us frankly memorable moments.

Now, the Cuban radio has the greatest responsibility that this true social event does not remain as the memory of a beautiful dream that lasted only the days of the event.

For each type of radio program that uses musical works, there is the required sound reference with attractive discs of proven quality that have been awarded, but even if we broaden our perspective, we are obliged to attend to those many other discs that were competing in each category, with the omen that we will find true wonders.

From the effective interrelation between the archives of the Cubadisco and the radio to obtain all this music, it depends that each Cuban, when tuning in to his favorite station, increases the healthy pride for being a native of the Island of Music.


Guille Vilar (*) Outstanding radio journalist, cultural promoter, scriptwriter, music critic and director of important music programs on Cuban radio and television. His professional work has been aimed at the dissemination and critical analysis of national and foreign music in the flat press, radio and television. José Antonio Fernández de Castro Prize for Cultural Journalism 2014.



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