Cuba accuses the U.S. government of direct involvement in events

Addressing a press conference with national and international media at the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry, Rodriguez warned that Washington would be held accountable for the consequences that may result if the U.S. persisted with its policies of asphyxiation of Cuba and encouragement of irregular and disorderly migratory flows between the two countries.

He pointed out that the strategy also includes calls for violent actions, aggression against authorities, and magnicide.

The island’s top diplomat also referred to the permanent instigation by a U.S. senator from Florida, who encourages the deployment of vessels to stage provocation near the island’s territorial waters.

Rodriguez cautioned the U.S. government that its irresponsible conduct might have grave consequences.

To illustrate Washington’s direct involvement in last Sunday’s event, the Foreign Minister provided examples of preparations of a political and technological communicational operation aimed at sparking those actions.

He denounced that the SOS Cuba hashtag promoted on social media was first launched by a U.S. company based in Florida that recently received a certification authorizing it to receive state funds and legal validity to operate in that U.S. state.

He also warned that the campaign called for humanitarian intervention in Cuba.

Those who ask for humanitarian intervention should be aware that they are asking for military intervention in Cuba, in breach of the laws of the Caribbean island, and of international law.

The Foreign Minister also accused the Republican government of Florida of financing these anti-Cuba efforts.

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