Mexican movement warns of threat looming over Cuba

In a communique, the organization denounces that the enemies of the Cuban Revolution are closing ranks and accuse the island’s socialist system of economic and health problems that are actually consequences of the blockade that has already been punishing the small country for six decades.

Those who mercilessly attack the Cuban people and Government, he points out, seek to overthrow the Revolution, a latent threat that must be faced. They do it because it bothers them that a sovereign nation has built a new kind of society without the exploited or the exploiters, the communique stated.

The document denounces that the economic blockade against Cuba is an attempt to prevent its development and make fail the socialist project the Cuban people freely decided to build.

As a result of the criminal blockade, increased during the Donald Trump administration, the Cuban economy cannot grow or produce what is necessary to satisfy the needs of the people and solve their deficiencies. Finally, it calls to redouble support to Cuba in all Mexican regions.

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