Cuba has the right to demand the U.S. to end aggression

In a signed article on the Cubadebate website, the director for the United States of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Carlos Fernández de Cossio, defended the right of his country to live in peace.

De Cossio affirmed that Havana’s demands are legitimate. They include that the U.S. should end the economic blockade, the interference in its internal affairs,  and the multi-million financing for political subversion.

The U.S. government must put an end to the tolerance enjoyed by anti-Cuban terrorist groups, he said.

Fernandez de Cossio also referred to the need to end the persecution of fuel supplies to Cuba from third markets, financial transactions in third countries, and the island’s commercial activities in any corner of the planet.

He also urged the United States to fulfill its commitments with the bilateral migratory agreements, particularly the migration of at least 20,000 Cubans every year.

The Cuban diplomat demanded that the White House reestablish the migratory and consular services of its embassy in Havana and the elimination of the limitations on travel and air transportation between the two countries.

De Cossio added a historical Cuban demand: the return of the territory occupied by the United States in Guantanamo Bay since 1902.

None of those demands harms the sovereignty of the United States one iota, nor compromises its national security, the diplomat wrote.

He said that the analysis of the events of July 11 in his country cannot be made without considering Cuba’s economic limitations, essentially aggravated by the U.S. economic blockade and the health, social and economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

That reality, which is up to Cubans to solve, imperialism wants to take advantage of to fulfill its old hostile and domination purposes against Cuba, Carlos Fernandez de Cossio emphasized in his article.

Translation By Gilda Gil

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