#Cuba accuses the United States of blatant interference in its internal affairs

Rodriguez also said that Washington has absolutely no moral authority to ask for the release of persons detained in Cuba. 
He added that the Biden administration lies when it refers to peaceful demonstrators while avoiding acknowledging that there were violent acts and their persistent instigation.

Rodriguez Parrilla stressed that the island’s law enforcement agencies acted with strict adherence to the law, with absolute respect for the norms that govern their conduct, and made use of minimum force in the face of vandalism and violence that caused injuries to police officers and also caused injuries to civilians.

He added that the country has been in absolute calm and that services are functioning with complete normality.

Referring to allegations of missing persons since July 11, the Minister of Foreign Affairs challenged the U.S. administration to provide one case. He committed himself to provide evidence that there’s no such missing person within a few hours.
He also rejected the allegations that any minor is under arrest in Cuba and rejected the unsustainable slander that there has been the loss of life among minors and young people with these events.

“It is not in Cuba where sophisticated means of repression, mechanical equipment, chemical substances, stun explosives, automatic launchers of toxic bombs are used,” he contended.
However, he stressed, that’s a daily occurrence, sometimes even in Europe and very often in the United States, without the press talking much about those events.
Another issue raised by the Foreign Minister was the constant cyber-attacks being launched from U.S. territory against Cuba.
Rodriguez Parrilla urged the U.S. government to act in the face of such attacks, which he said occur with total and absolute impunity.

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