#Maduro says he’s ready for dialogue with opposition in Mexico

“We are ready to go to Mexico to sit at the dialogue table with the opposition, with a realistic, Venezuelan agenda, so that all unilateral coercive measures are lifted, for peace,” stated Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

During the delivery of a milestone number of homes — 3,600,000 — of the Gran Misión Vivienda Venezuela, Maduro stressed that “all criminal sanctions against our country must be lifted!”

President Maduro indicated that the spokespersons of the Bolivarian Government for these efforts have already established communications with the different delegations of the Venezuelan opposition and the Government of Norway, in order to establish an agenda for the meetings in Mexico and thus reach agreements for peace and sovereignty of the country.

The official spokespersons for the government are Héctor Rodríguez, Governor of Miranda State, and Jorge Rodríguez, President of the National Assembly.

The Venezuelan leader, likewise, applauded the participation of the opposition in the regional elections of next November 21, in which the governors and mayors of the South American country will be chosen.

“All the opposition is going to participate, with candidates for governorships and mayorships, in the mega election of November 21st.   We are going to a mega election, a tremendous election for the country and I congratulate all the opposition,” he said.

Maduro urged the opposition to stay on the constitutional and democratic path, as he revealed that “there are extremist sectors that have not abandoned the path of violence.”

“I say to you on behalf of all the people of Venezuela: Come to the elections, come to the constitutional terrain, abandon violence, the coup, the politics of fantasy and evil.  Come to where you should have always been — the peaceful, political, electoral process of Venezuela.”


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